It’s Never Too Early To Say Goodbye!

Just one more week and I’ll be done with college! That pretty much means that I won’t be updating posts on this blog anymore. I will, however, still post interesting and fun facts about Asia in general on this blog. But I probably won’t be updating upcoming Purdue events for next semester since I won’t be around.  If you are interested in staying tuned with the latest Asian news, facts, events in general, please check out my blog regularly!

Before I finish off this post and enjoy my summer and upcoming graduation commencement, I’d like to share with you all some recaps of the photos that I have posted in my blog this semester!

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I hope everyone enjoyed all my posts so far! If you want to share some interesting facts with me or that you want me to find some particular articles, please don’t hesitate to tweet me at @ak_0406 or follow me on my Pinterest board!

See ya’ll soon!