Asian-Inspired Design Ideas

When it comes to Asian Decors, we think of bamboo beds, wooden chairs and glass-designed tables. However, there’s definitely more than that. There are many ways to create your home an Asian, yet exotic vibe. Below are some suggestions on how to make your home a more exotic and iconic place to live!

1. Iconic Influence

One of the most familiar figures in Asian design is Buddha Statue or the “Enlightened One.” The “Enlightened One” was a mystical educator in the 5th century B.C. and the originator of Buddhism. The iconic figure of Buddha is symbolized worldwide as harmonious and mysterious., Adding a contemporary Buddha statue to your decor is a laid-back way to bring Asian vibe into your home.



2.Cultural Flair

Mix traditional and Asian elements into your design scheme for an elegant yet eclectic look. In this casual living room designer Jane Ellison added a bold cobalt-blue color along the back wall to pull out the muted blues in the sofa detail, as well as the hues in the porcelain pieces. Oriental blue and white wares were developed in China in the 14th century, and by the 17th century the pieces were considered prized possessions and collected by European royalty. These porcelain pieces, along with the bamboo shade, Japanese tatami mat and bronze accessories, pull in familiar Asian elements while adding some unexpected cultural flair.


3. Sweet Feng Shui

The art of feng shui has been practiced in ancient Chinese cultures for centuries but is now being integrated into Western interior design and architecture. According to feng shui, everything has a positive or negative energy. In order to balance these energies, designs must be carefully thought out to create an overall feeling of harmony in a room. Designer Marie Burgos incorporated natural feng shui elements into this Asian-style master bedroom, including the color scheme, bamboo platform bed, hand-forged drum side tables and traditional Japanese shoji screens.


4. Outdoor Elegance

Revamp your deck or patio by incorporating antique, Asian-inspired decor into your design scheme. RMS user LaDolfina carried the chinoiserie theme onto her outdoor pavilion with these lean, black lanterns and Kelly-green trumeau mirror. Originally produced in 18th-century France, trumeau mirrors were intended to hang between windows to bring more light into the room and enhance the decor. They are known for having an ornate and decorative portion at the top, above the mirror, and are almost always rectangular in shape. The gold illustrations on this version depict the European chinoiserie designs, while adding a decorative element to the home’s exterior.


Aside from these suggestions, there are also many other ways to enhance the looks of your room or home into a more Asian-inspired vibe! If you are interested in learning more about Asian decors, please visit my Pinterest Board: Asian Decors


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