PISA Hosting Its End of the Semester Dinner

Purdue International Student Alliance (PISA) will be hosting its end of the semester dinner at Purdue Ford Dining Court this Friday on Apr 11. The purpose of the dinner is to encourage members and non-members of the organization to bond together as a family and reflect the ups and downs that the organization has encountered this semester. Another objective of the dinner is to announce the PISA staff members for next semester as well as to reveal any upcoming events, activities, meetings, trips, etc.

Nate Gann, former PISA member, will be joining the team for the dinner this Friday too. He is now a Purdue graduate and has been taking part and contributing to the organization for the past three years, Gann believes that the organization not only constructs activities to help connect the international students from different countries together, the organization also provides a new and distinctive perspective of what Purdue University is like for the international students.

In an interview with Gann, he talks about the mission of PISA as well as what PISA”s major goals are in trying to help make the organization possible.

After having a short talk with Gann, I believe that PISA is a unique organization that helps integrate students from different backgrounds together as a whole. Although I’m not a member of the organization, I am excited to join the organization for dinner at Ford this Friday. If you are interested in coming to the dinner and learning more about the organization, please feel free to join the crew!

Date: April 11, 2014
Time: 6 p.m.- 8 p.m.
Location: Purdue Ford Dining Court

Tweet me at @ak_0406 and tell me what you think about the PISA dinner on Friday night!


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