8 Scariest Places in Asia

We’ve seen many abandoned places depicted in the movies such as abandoned hospitals and schools. Some of the settings of the most well-known movies take places in abandoned cities or ghost towns such as Chernobyl Diaries, Silent Hill and House of Wax. These movies not only portray what an abandoned city would look like, scary and paranormal things tend to occur in these places.

These movies tend to be my favorite movies and I decided to search on some real ghost towns in Asia. I came across a various interesting articles about the scariest places in Southeast and Central Asia and I was very drawn to the images and stories of these ghost towns.

Below are 8 scariest places in Asia that I found fascinating yet creepy. Let me know what you think and feel free to tweet me your ideas at @ak_0406!


100,000 New Apartments with no Occupants

Chenggong: China's Improvident Urban Planning
Chenggong is reported as one of the largest ghost towns in China, maybe even Asia. It began to take shape in 2003 as an overspill point for nearby Kunming, a city of nearly six-and-a-half million. Luxury villas, residential complexes and modern stadiums and schools are built. However, there are over 100,000 new apartments still unoccupied. Just by looking at the images, I personally think the unoccupied apartment complexes and still sidewalks make the town look quiet and creepy.


    Almost Empty Since 2005

china 2
South China Mall: The Empty Temple of Consumerism

Located near the district of Dongguang, the New South China Mall is not only the World’s biggest mall, but also the emptiest shopping center ever known. The mall was finished in 2005, yet the vast majority of its 1,500 stores have been empty every since. The mall is empty due to its poor transportation infrastructure and lack of people coming to the mall. I have never been to this mall before but I don’t think I would ever visit this place due to its abnormal outlook.


   Cave of skull remains since the Second World War 

During the World War II, Japanese soldiers were told to kill themselves (seppuku and kamikaze) rather than surrender to the U.S. forces. Dozens upon dozens did so in various caves throughout Okinawa. Many civilians were killed due to suicide. Skull sculptures can be found in the caves as a memorial to the events. The cave is explored in episode 3 of “I Wouldn’t Go In There.” Scenes like this tend to appear only in movies and on TV shows, yet this cave is real and takes place in Japan.


    Haunted former U.S. hospital 

clark hopsital
clark 2
This former U.S. Army hospital is said to be visited by the ghosts of soldiers who died here. In 1991, when Mount Pinatubo eruped, the U.S. Air Force evacuated Clark Air Base where the hospital is located.


    The Largest Incomplete Amusement Park in Asia

wonderland 2

wonderland amusement
In the mid-1990s, developers promised to build the largest amusement park in Asia, the Wonderland Amusement Park, in Nankou Town, Changping. However, the project stopped around 1998 after disagreements with the local government and farmers over property prices. Today, the Disneyesque castle and medieval ramparts of this theme park north of Beijing lie abandoned, while local farmers grow crops among the empty buildings.


   The Lost Green Island 

bagua taiwan
Off the southern coast of Taiwan, Green Island attracts Taiwanese tourists. The island once housed a penal colony for political prisoners. The prison is still there, and the island is said to be haunted by those who were killed during the White Terror period of political suppression (1949-1987).


   Haunting old mansion 

lawang 2
The history of hauntings of this old building in Indonesia is tied to the history of colonialism in the country. At the end of World War II, the Japanese fought a battle with Indonesian troops in front of the building, and there are stories of people being tortured in the basement.


8. Tak Tak School, Hong Kong 
    Haunted school in Hong Kong 

tat tak hk
Said to be one of the most haunted locations in Hong Kong, the now-abandoned Tat Tak School is the subject of many frightening tales, including reports of suicide and the ghost of a woman in red. Some cabbies refuse to take the road that leads to the school, which is surrounded by graves and also reportedly haunted. The school is featured in episode 1 of National Geographic’s “I Wouldn’t Go In There.”


Above are eight of the top abandoned cities/ towns across Asia. To me, the scariest place out of these eight places is the Wonderland Amusement Park in China. Let me know what you think and tweet me or leave a comment below!



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