Spring Break: When Mitsuwa Meets Chinatown!

It’s spring break! Thats right, spring break 2014 has finally arrived and almost every kids around the corner are heading out for a fun and daring break! And I am no exception! However, this time, I will not be traveling to the hottest spring break attractions such as Cancun, Los Angeles, Bahamas or Florida. This break, I’ll be hanging in Chicago with my friends. When speaking of Chicago, it is only a 2-hour drive from West Lafayette, but it brings you a whole new perspective of what fascinating and legitimate Asian food, market, and plaza are like!

“Me and my dad really like sushis! Whenever we go travel, we would always want to try some Sushi places. One of my favorite sushi restaurants is Maru in West Lafayette and I love their rolls!” – Claire F, student at Purdue University

Claire loves sushi and I believe most of you who are reading this blog love sushi too. If that is the case, then you can never miss the notorious Japanese market, Mitsuwa Supermarket, if you ever visit Chicago!

Located in 100 E. Algonquin Rd. Arlington Heights, Mitsuwa brings you a whole new perspective of what Japanese food and market are like. Mitsuwa is more about just ramen, udon, sushi rolls and green tea! In Mitsuwa, you will find everything from authentic Japanese sweets, beverages and all kinds of raw fish to Japanese branded shampoo, cosmetic products, kitchenwares and more! Oh, did I mention there’s also a Japanese bookstore, food court and bakery located inside the Mitsuwa market? There are also various kiosks inside the market such as Shiseido booth, Galaxy Wireless cellphone store, Japanese movie rental stand and travel agency Q&A desk! It’s practically the Japanese version of Walmart! There are a total of of 9 Mistuwa markets located across the United States and the Chicago Mitsuwa market is the largest in the Midwest.

Below are some Yelp reviews on Mitsuwa Chicago:

“Mitsuwa is an impressive place: Japanese grocery store, bakery, food court and book store all in one.  We walked around the food court and I expressed skepticism based on it being a food court that the food would be good.” -Arthur M.

“If you’re Japanese, you want to be Japanese or you want to know more about Japanese culture in general, come to Mitsuwa.” – Rawlings R.

“Mitsuwa is a dream land, filled with Japanese deliciousness. True story. Fact.” -Meg H.

Mitsuwa Japanese market isn’t the only famous Asian market in Chicago. There’s also the famous Chicago Chinatown located on the on the South Side (located in the Armour Square community area), centered on Cermak and Wentworth Avenues.

Chinatown is a unique Chicago neighborhood in that it is more than simply a collection of restaurants, shops and homes. It is also a rich cultural experience, and a visitor to Chicago’s Chinatown has the distinct feeling of having touched upon a microcosm of China itself. Various restaurants, cafes, stores, salons and grocery markets are located in the Chicago Chinatown neighborhood! Restaurants in Chinatown include a fusion of Chinese, Taiwanese and Cantonese cuisines and whether you want to eat Cantonese style dim sums or Taiwanese style shabu-shabu, Chicago Chinatown is where you will want to visit! If you aren’t that hungry but want to sit down and relax, Chinatown cafes also sell a various flavors of authentic Chinese teas, smoothies, and bubble teas! There are also a various kinds of stores in Chinatown such as bookstores, gift shops and sweets store! So if you want to spend a day in surrounding yourself with Chinese culture and atmosphere, Chicago Chinatown is definitely your best pick!

Below are some TripAdvisor reviews:

“I visit Chinatown a few times every year and each time I find something new there (even though it was already there). An even can easily be spent deciding on a place to eat, browsing the art shops and bodegas. Don’t forget to grab a smoothie/bubble tea before you leave!” -Blackhawks 2013

“Chicago’s Chinatown is not as known as the one in San Francisco, however it is still authentic and filled with interesting shops. If you are hungry for Chinese food, this is a must stop…the number of choices is overwhelming!” -CultureHunter

”The view is spectacular over the river. You can walk from the river to China Town and enjoy the chinese culture. “ -JuanFra

So if you ever have the chance to visit Chicago, definitely don’t miss out Mitsuwa Japanese market and Chinatown! I’ll be visiting these two places this spring break and so I’ll be gone for five days next week. I won’t have the time to update new blogs within next week but I’ll definitely get back to you the first day after spring break ends! In the meantime, be safe and have a great break with your family or friends! I’ll see you when I see you!


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