Do’s V.S. Don’ts Of Japanese Sushi Etiquette


Sushi is the most iconic food of Japanese cuisines and it certainly is one of the most popular Japanese food worldwide! Japanese sushi is fresh, unique and flavorful that it has attracted many Americans. Study shows that there are at least 3,846 sushi restaurants across the United States and there are more than 25 sushi restaurants in the state of Indiana. With its flavorful taste, many people also regard Japanese sushi as one of their favorite food. However, do people really know how to eat Japanese sushi correctly? Is there anything that people should avoid when speaking of Japanese food etiquette?

Fear no more! Below are some Do’s and Don’ts of eating Japanese sushi and these tips will let you know what to avoid and not avoid when eating sushi at a Japanese restaurant!

DO’s: Pick up your sushi using chopsticks or fingers. (There’s nothing wrong with eating sushi with your fingers. In fact, it is regarded as the most traditional way of eating sushi!)

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DON’TS: Do not rub your chopsticks to remove the splinters. (It is rude for people to do that. Most Japanese sushi bars won’t offer you chopsticks of low quality.)


DO’S: Lightly dip the fish, not the rice, into a small bowl of soy sauce. 


DON’TS: Do not dip the rice! (The rice is seasoned and flavored with the chef’s expertise. Dipping the rice shows disrespect to the chef.)


DO’S: Eat the sushi in one bite and make sure the fish of the sushi touches your tongue in a 45 degree angle!

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DON’TS: Do not bite the sushi in half and put the remainder back in the plate. (Remember that eating sushi is all about etiquette and so putting the remainder of the sushi back in the plate loosely just isn’t pretty at all!)



DO’s: Use wasabi sparingly. (Normally the chef will put the right amount of the wasabi on the plate so don’t ask for more, as it would destroy the flavor of the fish and the seasoned rice.)


DON’TS: Do not overload the wasabi in the soy sauce. (Sometimes, it is advised to separate the wasabi from the soy sauce. Dip the sushi with a bit of wasabi, then dip it in the soy sauce. In Japan, people don’t dip their sushi in the soy sauce as often as the people in the U.S. do.)


DO’S: Eat the pickled ginger in between different pieces of sushi as a palette cleanser.


DON’TS: Do not put the pickled ginger on top of the sushi before eating it. (The chef has made you your sushi with his balance in mind. You don’t want to mess with his art.)


Now that you know the main Do’s and Don’ts of Japanese sushi etiquette, be sure to follow these etiquettes during your next visit at a Japanese restaurant!


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