La Tea Bubble Tea Insider Talks About Bubble Teas!

I came across a very nice bubble tea place called “LaTea Bubble Tea Lounge” last month at West Lafayette. The tea comes in different flavors such as original, rose, lavender, cinnamon and caramel flavor. However, what is different about the tea is its add-ons: tapiocas a.k.a bubbles. Larry Lin, co-manager at the La Tea Bubble Tea Lounge, is glad to be here with us today an talk about the origin of bubble teas as well as La Tea Bubble Tea Lounge’s core objective in making bubble teas one of the most exotic, yet interesting drink here at the Lafayette and West Lafayette community.

Larry Lin, co-manager of LaTea Bubble Tea Lounge at West Lafayette

Larry Lin, co-manager of LaTea Bubble Tea Lounge at West Lafayette

Me: Hello Larry, I am glad you are here today to talk about the core objectives of LaTea Bubble Tea Lounge as well as the origin of bubble teas. So, first off, what is it that prompted you to work at La Tea Bubble Tea Lounge?

Larry: Thank you and it is definitely my pleasure to be here today. The reason I decided to work at LaTea Bubble Tea Lounge is because I believe with a diverse community we have here at Lafayette and West Lafayette, it is important to bring in the flavors of the most popular drinks in Asia, bubble teas. When my friend, Jack Hsiao, asked if opening a bubble tea lounge here at Purdue will draw attractions from Purdue students, I instantly said Yes. I believe that with the various flavors of bubble tea that La Tea can offer, people will definitely be attracted to it.

Me: You said that bubble tea is one of the most popular drinks in Asia. Can you tell us what is so interesting and unique about it?

Larry: Sure! Bubble tea is commonly known as pearl milk tea or boba milk tea and is originated from Taiwan during the 1980s. The reason why we call it “bubble” is because the term is derived from the Chinese boba, meaning “large breasts”, which is a slang of course, but also represents the large and chewy tapioca balls. Because the term attracts many customers and that the tea itself tastes good and unique, the business started to grow across Taiwan and in the early 1990s, many Taiwanese-Americans came to the states to start their own bubble tea businesses. And we, La Tea Bubble Tea Lounge, is just one of them!

Me: So do you only have one bubble tea flavor? If not, what other flavors do you sell?

Larry: Our iconic drink is the Original Bubble Tea. However, we have many other flavors that are available for the customers to choose from. Two of our most popular flavored bubble teas are Caramel Milk Tea and Rose Milk Tea. Other flavors include Vanilla Milk Tea, Hazelnut Milk Tea and House Green Milk Tea. We also sell tea drinks that are not milk-based. If you’d like to see what other flavors we have, you can check out our online menu:

LaTea Bubble Tea Lounge Menu

LaTea Bubble Tea Lounge Menu

Me: What about the add-ons? Do you only have pearls?

Larry: Of course not! Aside from our tapioca pearls, we also have other add-ons such as egg pudding, green tea pudding, lychee jelly, passionfruit jelly, mango jelly and red bean jelly. I would say the most ordered add-ons aside from pearls would be the puddings.

Me: That is very interesting! I can’t wait to order one after the interview? Can you tell me where the store location is?

Larry: Actually, delivery is the option for ordering bubble teas at this point. Our store is currently under construction but the grand opening will be this May at the Wabash Landing. If you want to order the teas, you can call us at (765) 586-9398 and order the bubble teas. It usually takes us 30-40 minutes to deliver the teas, as we have many ticket orders per day.

Me: If it is delivery only, what is your store hour?

Larry: We are opened daily, Monday through Thursday, from 12 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. and Friday to Sunday from 12 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. The last order will be at 10 p.m. for normal store hours and 11 p.m. for extended weekend hours.

Me: Those are some very interesting news about bubble teas and the flavors! Before we end our interview, can you tell us what your favorite bubble tea flavor and add-ons are at LaTea Bubble Tea Lounge?

Larry: Yes, definitely. My favorite tea is Caramel Milk Tea with puddings. The puddings are very chewy and the flavor goes great with the milk tea, making it a perfect combination. If you would like to order our teas, I would suggest getting our iconic Original Bubble Tea with tapioca pearls and Caramel Milk Tea with puddings as your first try!

Me: That sounds very tasty and I can’t wait to try them! Once again, thank you very much, Larry, for joining me today for the LaTea Bubble Tea Lounge interview! I look forward to see you again soon!

Larry: Yes, no problem, and I look forward to see you again soon. Bye!

After the interview with Larry, I believe everyone’s mouth is drilling! I am going back home and call LaTea Bubble Tea Lounge for some tasty bubble teas! What about you? For more information about the store, please visit LaTea Bubble Tea Lounge’s website:



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