Broken Jade Bracelet..What Does That Mean?

Broken jade bracelet

Broken jade bracelet

You might be thinking why I would post a picture of a broken jade bracelet instead of a picture of a complete jade bracelet. That is because the broken jade bracelet you’re seeing right now is actually my jade bracelet and I broke it this morning. I was on my way to class this morning and I slipped and fell down the stairs due to the melted snow. This slip-and-fall not only resulted in a fracture in my right hand’s middle finger, it also caused my jade bracelet, which I had it on my arm for six years, to break into pieces. I was devastated to see my bracelet broken into two pieces since it has always been my lucky charm. However, I was also quite glad that it broke. Why? Because it probably saved my life. Now, you must be thinking: “You fell from the stairs but your bracelet saved your life? You must be out of your mind!” I know, I know. But let me tell you why it saved my life.

In Chinese culture, people generally believe that jade is not only a beautiful and elegant stone, it also represents grace and purity. If you go to Asia, especially China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, you  will see many jewelry stores selling all kinds of beautiful jades. Whether it’s a jade bracelet, jade necklace, jade ring or just a stone itself, jades are almost everywhere that you can’t possibly overlook them. Many Chinese women believe that jade is closely related to the human body and the jade “qi” energy and the body “qi” energy flow between each other. They also believe that jade helps balance the body and that the color of the jade will either enhance or fade out due to the person’s health, mood and body condition. Therefore, in order to keep the jade closely tied to their bodies, many Asian women wear jade bracelets on them for a life time as they believe the jade bracelet will protect their soul and body.

But what if the jade bracelet breaks? Does it mean that the person is ill or sick? Not at all. In fact, it is the contrary. If a woman’s jade bracelet breaks apart, then that means something terrible, such as accidents or sickness, was about to occur to the woman, yet her jade took the damage for her. In other words, it means that the jade takes the damage instead of the woman, allowing the woman to escape freely from the accident. Because of this belief, many Chinese women would wear jade bracelets as they believe that jade bracelets would help protect them from accidents.

Although you might think that jade bracelet is quite superstitious, I believe my jade bracelet has an unseen connection to me. Based on how I fell from the stairs this morning, I could have broken my legs or my hands. Yet, not only was I perfectly fine with a minor fracture in my finger, I didn’t feel painful or hurt. Whether jade is a superstition in the Chinese culture or not, I believe my jade bracelet has an unseen connection with me. I am relieved and thankful that my jade bracelet has saved my life.


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