What have you missed in Purdue TSA’s Ski Trip event?

Didn’t get to join Taiwanese Student Association (TSA) for their ski trip to Perfect North Slopes yesterday? Don’t fret! There will be another upcoming TSA Ski Trip on March and I’ll post all the related information regarding the ski trip on my blog in the next few weeks so please stay tuned!

But before I post any related information on TSA’s next ski trip, let me post some of my reactions and suggestions toward this past week’s Perfect North Slopes Ski Trip event. I have listed out both the PROS and CONS on this past week’s ski trip so check it out:


  • Students who joined TSA’s ski trip event this week were very engaging and energetic. Everyone had a good time at the slopes and it was a great opportunity for students to mingle with each other. I think it is really important for students to be engaged to the events that they are participating and take the chance to reunite with old friends and meet new people. After all, mingling is one of the core reasons for student organizations’ to host events, right?
  • I am glad that the weather wasn’t too terrible yesterday and so it was a perfect timing to ski with the crew. Kudos to TSA for checking the weather forecast in advanced before deciding the date for the ski trip.
  • TSA was very thoughtful in providing breakfasts to everyone on the bus while we are on our way to the Perfect North Slopes. I was worried in the first place that I would go hungry when I get to the Perfect North Slopes. But I was surprised and glad when I saw TSA officers handing out biscuits and milk on the bus. After all, we don’t want to go skiing with an empty stomach!
  • TSA’s officers and staff members were very helpful and thoughtful by assisting the first-timers. The officers made sure that everyone were enjoying the ski trip and that no one was left out at the ski trip. They also took their times to help those who were in need of medical care, skiing tactics, renting equipments, instead of skiing on their own.

With all the pros being said, there are nevertheless a few cons that need to be fixed before hosting the next ski trip event.

  • TSA probably should have invited other student associations such as JSA, VSA and AAA to join the ski trip in order to create a diverse atmosphere for the students. Therefore, I think it would be better for TSA to collaborate with other student organizations in the next ski trip event coming up this March.
  • I think it would be better to host this event for two consecutive days rather than one day round trip. The reason is because one-day round trip may be a little rush for the students. If TSA really wants to take the opportunity for students to mingle and spend quality time together, I think it’s better to make it a 2-day trip instead of a one-day round trip.
  • I suggest TSA to reserve restaurants for dinner because there were a few students whining about being hungry at around 5 p.m.. If TSA could give everyone a copy of the agenda and places to eat for dinner, I think it would make the ski trip even more efficient.

Overall, these are some of the reactions I have toward the ski trip from yesterday. I look forward to TSA’s next ski trip, which will be in March. If you are willing to come to TSA’s next ski trip, remember to stay tuned for my blog as I will post the information in the near future!


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