Gaza Korean Restaurant unveils the culture of Korean BBQ!

meat..Meat..and MEAT!!! What kind of cuisines do you think of when you want to eat unlimited amount of grilled beef briskets, galbi steak, marinated chicken and pork belly? That’s right, Korean cuisine!

I was starving the whole day today so I decided to visit one of West Lafayette’s well-known Korean restaurant, Gaza Korean BBQ restaurant, with a couple of my friends for dinner tonight. The restaurant serves unlimited Korean BBQ, ranging from marinated chicken and pork belly to the popular Galbi steak and thin sliced beef brisket. Since I ate at the restaurant tonight, I decided to share some interesting information to you all about Korean barbecue. Korean barbecue, or known as Gogigui, means “meat + roasting”, which is a Korean method of grilling beef, chicken and pork. Most Korean restaurants have gas or charcoal grills that are built into the tables and thus, making it easy for people to cook meat on top of the grills.

These grills are built into the tables and thus making it easier for customers to cook their meat.

These grills are built into the tables and thus making it easier for customers to cook their meat.

The most well-known or popular meat of Gogigui is bulgogi meat, which is the thin-sliced beef brisket that I had at Gaza Korean Restaurant tonight. Buigogi meat are extremely popular because they are beef sirloin or tenderloin and they are very tender and sweet. According to the poll, bulbogi is listed as number 23 on World’s 50 most delicious food, compiled by CNN GO in 2011. Another famous meat that people normally order is galbi. Galbi is different from buigogi in which it is made from marinated beef short ribs and it can be divided into several categories. The galbi I had at Gaza Korean Restaurant early today was Wang Galbi, which is one of the best and most tradition galbi out of all types of galbi.

Grilled Korean Bulgogi

Grilled Korean Bulgogi

Grilled Korean Galbi

Grilled Korean Galbi

Other well-known meat that are ordered in a Korean Restaurant would be short steaks marinated with sesame oil (jumulleok), spicy pork bulgogi (dwaeji bulgogi), and think unsalted bacon/pork belly (samgyeopsal).

There are three kinds of sauces that come with the meat and the three sauces are sesame oil with garlic paste, miso sauce, and spicy chili sauce. My favorite sauce is the mixture of sesame oil with garlic paste sauce and miso sauce because both sauces help bring out the tenderness and taste of the meat and just makes the entire meal more satisfying. I am not a fan of spicy hot food so I don’t particularly like the spicy chili sauce but my friends love the sauce a lot so if you are visiting Gaza Korean Restaurant anytime soon, don’t hesitate to try all three sauces because I guarantee you that you will fall in love in one of the three sauces!

Left: Sesame Oil with Garlic paste Right: Miso Sauce

Left: Sesame Oil with Garlic paste
Right: Miso Sauce

Sometimes when you go to a Korean BBQ restaurant, don’t be surprised that you will get full really fast. And definitely don’t be even surprised when you find out that you didn’t actually get full from the meat, but from the side dishes. Korean BBQ restaurant normally offers customers a variety kind of side dishes. These side dishes normally include potato salad, kimchi, spicy cucumbers, hot tempura, grilled asparagus and green sprouts with sesame oil. These side dishes could be refilled anytime you want. Thus, many customers normally get full just by eating the side dishes. Although these side dishes are extremely delicious, I would rather to be full from the meat than the side dishes. So if you plan on visiting a Korean BBQ restaurant in the future, be sure not to reorder or refill the side dishes, as you will find yourself getting full by eating them with no time! Below is a picture of the variety choices of side dishes that are typically offered in a Korean BBQ restaurant.

Korean side dishes

Korean side dishes


After hearing and knowing a general information about unlimited Korean BBQ, I believe you are as hungry as I am and cannot wait to visit a Korean Restaurant soon! So if you plan on visiting a Korean BBQ restaurant, be sure to check out West Lafayette’s Gaza Korean Restaurant! Not only do they offer unlimited Korean BBQ, they also have menu for single orders. Whether you’re eating unlimited grill or just ordering an individual Korean dish, side dishes will always be offered. But remember, don’t just let the side dishes fill your stomach up! For more information about Gaza Korean Restaurant, please visit their website: I hope you will get a chance to taste these awesome food!



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