Pho soup attracts customers in this cold, freezing weather!

Spring is almost around the corner, but our beloved winter hasn’t really left yet. It was relatively warm in the past few days until last night when the snow shower hit West Lafayette again! Not only do delivery restaurants such as Papa Johns and Rice Cafe receive massive phone calls and food orders due to the cold and snowy weather, Green Leaf Restaurant, an authentic Vietnamese restaurant down at the River market, also attracts people to the restaurant for a bowl of hot noodle soup and hot bubble teas!

When speaking of Vietnamese food, pho is the first thing to come to mind. I have personally interviewed Tina Tran, the owner of Green Leaf Restaurant, briefly about the origin of pho. Tina explained that pho was brought to the United States by Vietnamese refugees during the Second World War and it was heavily influenced by both Chinese and French cooking. She also said that rice noodles and spices were imported from China whereas the French popularized the eating of red meat. With this in mind, the ingredients in the Vietnamese pho has made it possible to be a one-of-the-kind noodle soup around the world.

I personally have been to Green Leaf Restaurant for a couple times this winter and I really love the soup in Green Leaf Restaurant. After hearing what Tina said about the history of pho, I feel like I am more attached to Vietnamese food. Whenever I eat the noodle soup, I would think of the Chinese and French spices and meat that help contribute and make this Vietnamese dish possible. Whenever I go to Green Leaf Restaurant in the weekends, it is always filled with tons of people and soups. The waiters and waitresses of the restaurant are also very friendly, nice and patient. One think I like a lot about this restaurant is that the entire restaurant is filled with Vietnamese atmosphere in which the music and teas are all authentic Vietnamese. For those of you who are interested in knowing what the restaurant is like, I have attached a short slide show at the bottom of this post.

If you feel like visiting this restaurant before the winter slips away, below are some basic information about the restaurant!

  • Address: 111 S River Road, West Lafayette, Indiana
  • Phone number: 765-743-2288
  • Hours: Mon-Sat- 11AM-9:30PM
    Sun- 12PM-8PM

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now it’s time for you to leave the house, get to the restaurant and get yourself a bowl of hot, yet authentic Vietnamese soup!


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