Illegal to be fat, are you kidding me?

Asia has the largest shopping mall in the world, has its own version of Christmas Day and even has a universal birthday! What else more? I was reading an article online this morning and came across a very interesting, yet disturbing topic: it is illegal o be fat in Asia, especially Japan. Now I know that many people, including me, are offended and irritated by this statement. What is wrong with being big and what is wrong with being a size-10 or 12 or 20 girl? It is normal and genuine across the world. But when it comes to Asia, it’s a sensitive topic. I am a size-6 girl and I consider myself as healthy and fit. I am satisfied with my body and self-image but I can’t deny that whenever I go to countries like South Korea, Japan and even my hometown, Taiwan, my high self-esteem and confidence just drop off the radar. I thought that it was just me the whole time who was being a bit too obnoxious about myself and that people actually don’t care about my body image. But now I can tell prove that it is not me who’s being sensitive, it is the distorted attitudes of Asians that got myself trapped in my body image.

Below is the link to the article:


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