Taiwan, South Korea and Japan celebrate White Day.

Now that Valentine’s Day has passed, what’s next? In most Asian countries such as Taiwan, South Korea and Japan, people celebrate White Day, which is on March 14, a month after Valentine’s Day. On Valentine’s Day, women and girls normally prepare presents for their boyfriends or people they admire as an expression of love, affection and courtesy. Typical gifts are usually handmade chocolates and cookies. However, on White Day, reverse happens in which men will prepare gifts for the women who sent them gifts on Valentine’s Day as a return of favor. Sometimes if a man prepares gifts for  the woman who gave chocolates to him on Valentine’s Day, it is a sign of approving the woman and willing to love her back. 

Nowadays, many Taiwanese celebrate the White Day and girls usually anticipate their presents from their boyfriends or people they love. White Day is highly celebrated as Valentine’s Day by Taiwanese and many other Asians from around the world. 

Now that you know what White Day is, it is time to wait and anticipate your chocolates from your other half on March 14! 


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