Where’s my Valentine? How about some Taiwanese cuisines?

It’s Valentine’s Day today! Are you thinking of what to eat or where to go on this special day? Forget the common sandwiches, hamburgers, and prime ribs that we normally eat on special occasions, maybe it is time to try something different, fresh and authentic- Taiwanese food! When a foreign walks on the streets in Taiwan, it’s not surprised that they will see Taiwanese restaurants everywhere, every street and every block. Taiwanese love to eat and try different kinds of food. From stinky tofu, Shanghai style dumplings and braised pork rice to shaved ice mountain, bubble teas and Taiwanese mochi, Taiwanese enjoy all kinds of food and sweets that not only reflect their cultural background but also their authentic and diverse taste for the food. Below are some pictures of the kind of Taiwanese food that we simply just can’t live without!

1. Beef Noodles 
 Beef noodles is one of the most authentic and popular dishes in Taiwan. The soup is beef broth, served mainly with udon, Lo Mein or rice noodles and topped with green onions. Beef is normally served with either shredded beef or beef cubes. In Taiwan’s competitive market for beef noodles, beef has to be tender and chewy in order to stand out in the crowd.

2. Stinky Tofu

When it comes to the most classic and original Taiwanese traditional food, Stinky tofu is one of the best. It could be seen as love-it or hate-it dish  as some people love the taste of it yet some people hate the smell that comes out of it. Tofu is deep-fried and it is topped with sweet and spicy sauce. Normally the dish comes with non-spicy kimchi.

3. Pineapple Cake

Pineapple cake is another traditional food in Taiwan. Yet, it is more like a snack than a meal. Pineapple cakes are normally used as souvenirs for friends or family due to its iconic flavor. This Taiwanese pastry is made with mini-pies filled with candied pineapples. Thumbs up for this iconic flavor!

There are a lot more traditional and delicious Taiwanese food that are flavorful and iconic. For more references or information, check out CNN’s report on the 45 Taiwanese foods that people can’t live without: http://travel.cnn.com/explorations/eat/40-taiwanese-food-296093

If you are hungry for these Taiwanese food now, Echo Karaoke by the Wabash Landing in West Lafayette is not featuring Taiwanese cuisines!
Check out the menu below: 

Be sure to stop today for your Valentine’s dinner! It will be an unforgettable dinner!


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