TSA’s Chinese New Year Dinner..and PS4?!

Chinese New Year was last weekend but Purdue University’s Taiwanese Student Association, preferably known as TSA, hosted its annual Chinese New Year dinner last night on February 7, 2013 at Morton Community Center. As an officer of TSA, I would say the dinner was quite successful as we almost had a full house and most people stayed until the very last of the event. However, before I review our dinner from last night, I would like to show my gratitude toward our TSA officers in helping to make this event possible. Just two weeks prior to the event, we were in a state of skepticism in which we weren’t sure how to draw people’s attention to our event due to hosting it a week behind the actual Chinese New Year. Just as we were discussing our tactics, our president, Eric Chen, came up with the idea of raffle draw and suggested the grand prize to be the top grossing Play Station 4. Now, if your grand prize is PS4, then there is not doubt it will catch people’s eyes and tickets may be sold in a blink of eye. Thus, hoping that PS4 could draw more people’s attention, we placed it on our booth table and as expected, a wave of people came by and bought the tickets. We also taped posters in various buildings across the campus. We were grateful enough to be able to sell a great deal amount of tickets and at the same time, we were lucky to receive multiple sponsors from various restaurants in Lafayette and West Lafayette. It was hard to believe that we were able to get our venues booked, food ordered, tickets sold and sponsors received in just two weeks before hosting the event. Without the continuous support and devotion from our officers to the event, the dinner would not have happened.

Last night on February 7, we hosted our annual Chinese New Year dinner from 7P.M. to 9P.M. TSA officers arrived an hour prior to the opening of the event and started setting up tables, decorating the stage and carrying the food in. Below is a picture of the process of preparation. The food shown in the picture below are provided by Fortune House Grill & Buffet.

TSA New Year Preperation

TSA New Year Preperation


At around 7P.M., people started coming in and getting food with the tickets they had in hand. We arranged round tables for people to sit instead of long tables in means of creating a more familiarized atmosphere. In Chinese tradition, we normally sit in round tables during Chinese New Year so all family members can see each other’s faces while eating dinner. In addition, sitting in round tables also creates a more friendly and warm vibe within families.

Below is a picture of people sitting in round tables and enjoying their dinners.

Happy Faces in TSA's Chinese New Year Dinner

Happy Faces in TSA’s Chinese New Year Dinner

Meanwhile, TSA also provided Mahjong games (a traditional Chinese game) at the side of the venue. Whoever could match three bingo out of four games, he/she could bring home a brand new Play Station 3! Isn’t TSA offering a bit too much? PS4 and PS3! Someone spent three tickets on the game and got three bingo out of four games and luckily, he brought home the PS3!

Mahjong Bingo Game! Winner takes home PS3!

Mahjong Bingo Game! Winner takes home PS3!

Towards the end of the event, it was time for the raffle draw of the grand prize- PS4! The entire atmosphere was nervous and exciting. Everyone was holding their tickets, praying and hoping they could win the prize. Some people wanted to go to the restroom, yet had to sit and hold for five minutes just to stay and witness the highlight of the night! When our president,Eric Chen, stepped onto the stage, people were more excited and nervous. Just as he put his hand into the raffle box and took a ticket out, we knew that someone in the room would be the lucky winner and as he read the ticket number, the winner came up onto the stage and claimed his prize that he’d been waited for since the beginning of the event. The winner’s name is Tzu Heng Huang and he is a current grad student at Purdue University. Below is a picture of Tzu and Eric Chen.

Picture of the winner of the prize and TSA President

Picture of the winner of the prize and TSA President

After the grand prize was taken away and everyone was full with the meal, it was already 9P.M. and that was the end of the event. We had a great time with everyone who came to the event and we thanked them for coming and joining us all. Although many people came for the PS4 prize, the most important objective of hosting this event is to provide a place for people to enjoy Chinese New Year even when they’re not home with their families. I think we have reached our goal and as long as everyone had a great time, TSA will be grateful for that!



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