Meditation has always played a huge role in contributing to Chinese culture and history. Not only is meditation a way for people to seek their inner peace, it is also a form of art. People meditate to seek peace and reconciliation in their busy and sometimes conflicted schedules. In order to release stress and anxiety, studies have shown that by meditating 30 minutes a day, it can lead to increased concentration and decreased anxiety. People who meditation on a daily or regular basis also tend to feel happier and merrier in their lives.

Although many people may be attracted to the philosophy behind meditation, many are still baffled by how to meditate correctly. I have listed a few steps below to get us all started on meditating properly.

First of all, it is important to keep in mind that we should be determined when it come to meditation. It is advised to meditate on a fixed schedule or a specific time in order to reach the maximum outcome.

Next, the core step in meditating is to breathe deeply and slowly. By breathing deeply and slowly, we will be able to relax our muscles and focus our minds. That way, we will not be able to get distracted easily when calming our minds and souls. Stretching is a good way in relaxing our muscles too.

After breathing deeply and slowly, we need to make sure that our frustration and anxiety will not bother us while we meditate. Many people may question what the purpose is in meditating and may then get distracted by trying to find an answer to it . As long as we close our eyes, focus our minds and not to think about the questions we have, we will able to concentrate properly and deal with the questions later on.

When meditating, we need to feel our body parts. Once our minds are focused and quiet, we can start putting all our attention on our feet and slowly let it come its way up to the body. The meditating process normally lasts from 30 minutes to one hour.

After meditating, we should be able to find us in a peaceful and quiet condition in which our minds and souls are pure again. We will be able to find ourselves happier than ever.

One tip in meditating peacefully is to listen to peaceful music with slow and soothing melody. Our soul and mind will be carried away  by the music and we will be able to meditate peacefully.

I hope everyone gets a vibe on how to meditate properly and hopefully this post will help us all reach a quieter, and more peaceful mind and future.


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